Safari Issue With Draft Post Preview

I reported this issue to the Happiness Engineers yesterday

I am getting the recurrence of an issue I had months ago – maybe a year ago. This is the issue: I am in WP Admin, creating a new post. I save it as a draft, and then hit Preview. It says ‘post not found’. The way the issue was resolved last time around was that I would refresh the ‘post not found’ page and if would then find the draft post. It is no longer doing that. When I refresh, it still says ‘post not found’.

The only way to see the Preview of the draft is for me to come out of the post and then hit ‘Preview’ for that post in the list of posts.

This is the URL that keeps saying post not found photographworks dot me/?p=12442

And this is the URL that does display the draft post photographworks dot wordpress dot com/?p=12442&preview=true

Happiness Engineer:
Hmm, this seems to be working fine for me. I wonder if it’s a browser issue this time. Which browser do you use?

Safari. So are you seeing the draft even when you use photographworks dot me/?p=12442

Happiness Engineer:
Yep, using both options. I know Safari had a very recent update that’s causing some issues, and our developers are still trying to provide a workaround. Are you able to test another browser and see if they both work or not there?

Yes, I can do it. In firefox, when I am in the post and I click Preview, it goes to photographworks dot me/?p=12442&preview=true. So yes, it looks like it’s a browser issue. Good sleuthing

Happiness Engineer
😉 Well, glad that at least works. We have found in general that Chrome and Firefox tend to be more compatible with lots of things compared to Safari.

If it is a known issue and being worked on, I can put up with it while a fix is put in.

Happiness Engineer


So it is still happening this morning, and it occurred to me that perhaps I could add ‘&preview=true’ and force it to reload and display the draft post. But it didn’t work and it is still showing page not found.

So then I thought perhaps if I changed the URL to photograph works dot wordpress dot com and then added &preview=true – And that works and I can see the Preview of the draft.


The Moon In January

full moon against a dark sky

Tamara noticed the moon as we were on our way back home. When we got home, she grabbed her binoculars to go out and look at it. So I got my camera, and took a few shots with my Nikon D500 with the lens at 300mm. The exif data says that I shot at 1/1000 second at f14 and 400ISO.

I didn’t desaturate the colours, it’s just how the shot came out. When we were looking at the moon it was ‘moon yellow’.

P.S. I see I wrote about the moon once before, in 2012.

Here’s another shot from tonight:

full moon in a black sky over Cambridge UK

The Ear Of An African Elephant

African Elephant viewed from the side showing how the ear is shaped like the continent of Africa

The guidebooks say that the ear of an African elephant is shaped like the continent of Africa.

They also say that the ear of the Asian elephant is shaped like India, but that’s another story.

Looking at this photo I took, yes indeed the ear of this African elephant is shaped like the continent of Africa.


Korea, Japan, and Sydney Australia: Real-time Air Quality Index

Tamara and I were looking at the Air Quality Index for various places, and just look at the terrible numbers for south-west Sydney because of the fires.

Air Quality Index tab 'hazardous' for south-west Sydney because of the fires.

But also look at the huge difference in air quality between South Korea and Japan. Anything below 50 (green colour tab) is considered good.

I wonder what accounts for the difference in air quality between the two countries?

Map showing difference in air quality between South Korea and Japan. Anything below 50 (green colour tab) is considered good.

Happy New Year 2020


Extinction Rebellion Cambridge Today

Conversation with one of the people handing out leaflets. I told him I was getting more and more conscious and felt more and more desperate when I put more plastic wrapping in the recycling bag.

He said at least it was recycled, and we talked about cutting out plastic at source so that the endless cycle wasn’t so endless.

I said my party piece about climate change masking the message to cut pollution. And that if the world’s authorities would suddenly declare that new evidence showed that climate change was not due to anything people did, it would still be a disaster to trash the planet with pollution. Stop pollution –

He said he didn’t want to be arrested, so he was one of those handing out leaflets. He said he had a small child and was just helping in a small way. I said he was helping, and that was a valuable contribution. We agreed that pollution was key to which way the world goes and he said he was feeling bad about the Nespresso machine he had bought and the capsules that he wasn’t sure were recyclable.

I said that my wife Tamara hated those little capsules, adding to the junk filling the world and thought they were an environmental blight even if they were supposed to be recyclable. I said she would never buy one, and she thought George Clooney, who advertises them, ought to speak out.