Doorway – blending technique in Photoshop CS3

Doorway shot with Nikon D40 and 18-55mm kit lens The technique for making this is as follows: Photograph shot in colour Foreground colour in colour picker set to the same colour as the stonework Go to Filter>sketch>graphic pen, and use the sliders to produce the sketch image you like Go to Edit>fade graphic pen>blend modeContinue reading “Doorway – blending technique in Photoshop CS3”

Lightroom 1.1 released

Just four months after the release of Lightroom 1.0, Adobe have released an update that is free to registered Lightroom owners. Changes in the DEVELOP module Overall, the tools in 1.1 bring the Develop Module closer to the tools that were introduced recently in Camera Raw 4.1, which is the RAW converter in Adobe PhotoshopContinue reading “Lightroom 1.1 released”

Photography with a flatbed scanner

Faltbed scanners, even cheap ones, have ample capacity to make useable scans of large objects. When I say large, I mean anything that is significantly bigger than small detail in a frame of 35mm film. Some say we may have reached the limit of quality for consumer-grade flatbed scanners, with the appearance of such modelsContinue reading “Photography with a flatbed scanner”