Visitors At The Constable Exhibition

This is in the gallery where the Late Constable exhibition is currently being held at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

I like photographing in galleries because people are absorbed in what they are doing,

The downside of photographing in galleries is that the light levels are low. That leads to choices of shutter speed versus ISO. I don’t like pushing my ISO because it increases noise and mutes colours. I should though, so that I can maintain a sufficiently fast shutter speed. And I really should learn, because the noise and the colours from the Fuji X-E3 will definitely stand a higher ISO than the 800 ISO that I used When will I learn?.

This shot is anything but sharp. You can see that even in this little web version. But the colours are nice, and the man scratching his head cuts a nice figure.

The painting is the mill near Arundel Castle. I don’t think the mill can be there any more because Tamara and I went to the Wildlife and Wetland Trust centre at Arundel, and the centre must surely be more or less from where this scene is painted.

Colour In The Royal Academy

The second photo is the full frame from which I cropped the first photo. Which do you prefer? I thought I wanted to crop it, but now seeing the two images, I kind of prefer the very off-centre view of the original frame.

I shot it on the spur of the moment while sitting in the Royal Academy Of Art In London, having just been to an exhibition ‘Late Constable’. I put the camera on the table to steady it and shot it ‘by feel’.

The painting that I discussed in this post about The Vale Of Dedham, was in the exhibition. As you can read in that post, one of the reasons I like the painting is that in the near ground there is a person living what seems to be a very poor life on the margins of society.

When I looked at the painting today, it seemed that the person could be reading a book. And that alters what I think is going on. Perhaps this is a recluse who having tasted what society has to offer, is now off in a secluded dell, reading. Who knows. It would be nice to ask Constable.

Full-Site Editing and Block Themes

As per the invitation from, I started a new site with full-site editing. I started, but I haven’t done much yet.

Meanwhile, for those who have self-hosted WordPress sites, here is a list of resources from Birgit Pauli-Haack who write the Gutenberg Times. As she said is her latest newsletter – she is as surprised as anyone that the newsletter she started four years ago is still going strong.

Here is Birgit Pauli-Haack WordPress 5.9 Reading list for Full Site Editing and Block Themes.

A Block Theme is a theme that uses blocks for all parts of a site, including navigation menus, header, content, and site footer.

The Template Editor is a feature that allows block editor users to edit and create templates that a page or posts uses.

In fact, when you activate a block theme, you won’t see the Customiser because the Customiser doesn’t support block themes. Block themes use the Site Editor – and only the site editor. For someone who has been using the Customiser, it’s a big wrench to lose it.

Of course, I don’t have to use a Block theme….

As I said, I am using full site editing on a site using a Block theme that I started precisely for the purpose of using the editor. I am not happy using it yet. I used it to change a header, and it left me feeling frustrated.

Meanwhile, on the self hosted version of WordPress at, WordPress 5.9 has just been released and I am playing with full site editing there on a spare site, using the new Twenty Twenty-Two Block theme.

Basically I am annoyed that the skills I have learned using the customiser are going to have to be unlearned, at least if every theme becomes a Block theme in time. No doubt that feeling will pass as I become more acquainted with the new Site Editor.

There’s an interesting paragraph in a WPTavern article about plugins that include a link to the Customiser when using a Block theme. It says that WooCommerce does this. I am not in a hurry to use a Block theme on a production site. I use GeneratePress, and WooCommerce. So that appears to mean I can go forth and update to 5.9 without problem. Thinking ahead though, will GeneratePress become Block based?

That’s a problem for another day. But I am still holding off upgrading to 5.9 for a couple of days until I see what if any problems it might cause.

A Photograph

In lieu of a photo that has anything to do with full site editing or WordPress at all – here are some Russian pedestrians on the street in St Petersburg. I came across the photo while looking for the Anna Akhmatova portrait (see previous post).

Pedestrians on the street in St Petersburg

Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova

A portrait of the poet Anna Akhmatova portrait on a wall in what is called the Fountain House, in Saint Petersburg. I am not sure because there is a house and a museum and they seem to be at different locations.

The street is behind, and through the alley is the garden with the house to the left.