Purim in Jerusalem

purim in Jerusalem

Purim is referred to as the hidden festival – a time when the feared outcome was stood on its head. Apart from listening to the Megillat Esther (The Scroll of Esther), an account of the events of Purim.

One of the ways that people commemorate it is to dress in some kind of funny clothing and to drink a little. Notice the man on the bench.

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Orchids at the Cambridge Botanic Garden

orchid at Cambridge Botanic Garden

What did we (Tamara and I) learn?

That there are over 25,000 species

That most tropical species connect to a host plant or tree with roots that hang free, taking up water from the air and nutrients from the host.

That orchid seeds do not have an inbuilt food source, and so have to find a fungus to attach to in order to grow.

That orchid seeds can be tiny, minute – the smallest of all seeds.

That some orchids live and flower underground.

That the word orchid derives from the Greek word orkhis, meaning testicle.

Birch Trees Near The Israel Museum

stand of trees in Sacher Park in Jerusalem

I went to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem a couple of times and walked there from where I was staying. On the way and close to the museum, there is a grassed area all rough and undulating, with trees dotted here and there.

I liked the way these birch trees grew on a slope, and for some reason they made me think of the early days of colour photography.