Author: David Bennett

Salzburg and Those Love Locks

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In an earlier post (The Salzach River at Salzburg) I lamented that I had not taken any photos of the love locks on the railings of the pedestrian bridge across the River Salzach. Well, maybe not – but I found something among the photos… Here’s the river – new town on the north side to the left, old town on the south side to the right. But peer closely and there is the ‘love locks’ […]

Street Singer

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His voice is deep, quite quiet, melancholy, a nice rounded sound. I am not sure what songs he sings – it’s muffled because he sings with his head down, and my hearing is not that acute. Maybe something from Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan. He’s not young, very tanned face. Keeps his clothes neat. Smiled when I said I enjoyed listening to him when I pass.

The World Is Falling Apart

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The world is falling apart while we stare at yesterday. Prompted by my wife reading the magazine from the the Ocean Film Festival that we went to last night – that the fish in the sea have reduced by half since 1980. And that by 2050, at the current rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. And prompted by looking at the plastic dish that the cod steaks came in that […]

Caxton Gutenberg Plugin

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For the first time since I started using Gutenberg I am really impressed. And strangely, perhaps, I am impressed by creating a page that looks more like a newspaper. I can’t create anything like it here on because it needs the Caxton plugin (get it from the repository) to make it work. That is only for self-hosted sites or the Business plan on The plugin is made by the people at PootlePress […]

Adding Products in WooCommerce / Gutenberg

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I raised the following support ticket on WooCommerce: “I have been using Gutenberg as a plugin on a couple of sites since last January, but until now not on a WooCommerce site. I just activated Gutenberg on a WooCommerce test site and also activated the WooCommerce Gutenberg Products block plugin.I see how Gutenberg works on posts and pages but I don’t see any ‘Gutenberg’ on Product pages.I thought it might be that the theme I […]

Somewhere Warm in WooCommerce

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Tamara and I have a self-hosted WordPress site where we sell greeting cards. The e-commerce on the site is handled by a plugin named WooCommerce, that you may have heard of.  Recently I had an issue with an additional plugin used to make bundles of products. It is built on top of WooCommerce and it is an official WooCommerce plugin but it is not built by the WooCommerce team themselves. It is built by a third […]