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This shot at the top is the full frame photo. The next three are all crops that I made with different proportions. I cropped them as an experiment, following on from to my last article on Proportions, Space, Framing. You may like one crop more than another. The musicians in the photograph were taking part in the Cambridge Mill Road Winter Festival. I was so intent on the two men in the centre talking to […]

Proportions, Space, Framing

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This is a slice through a Nautilus shell. This particular one is in the Zoology Museum in Cambridge, where I photographed it with my iPhone. I tidied up the reflections and the background, but otherwise, this is a Nautilus shell as the Nautilus made it – except sliced in two. The Nautilus has ninety tentacles that it waves about in the water to take food that passes. The shell is its home. It starts out […]

Flying Twigs Advertisement

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Greeting Cards

I thought I would show the advertisement we put together for a trade magazine, that will appear beginning with the January issue. “Get your cards delivered to your door. For good products at good prices with speedy delivery, choose gorgeous, high-quality greeting cards with top-notch printing. With more than 350 cards, you’re sure to find the cards you’re looking for. Pricing is simple. The cards are £2.75 each, and shipping within the UK is 65p […]

Urban Sketcher

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I watched this woman sketching on the street in Cambridge during the Mill Road Winter Fair. She was drawing in her sketchbook whilst looking at the people across the road at a food stall. I am pretty sure she is in the Urban Sketchers Meetup group because I spoke with another sketcher further along the road and he told me the group members were dotted about. As you can see, this first image is a […]