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X Reasons To Consider A Business Plan on

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WordPress has come a long way since its early days of offering a simple way to get into blogging without having to worry about how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site. I know some people use as a stepping stone to a self-hosted site. I did. I wanted to host my own site because I wanted to be free of restrictions. What that meant in those days (this is back in 2007) is […]

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames

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Tamara and I were in London yesterday. We happened to see this small building, which is the entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. The tunnel goes under the Thames, 15 metres below the river. It runs from Greenwich on the south side to Tower Hamlets on the north side and was opened in 1902 with lifts installed in two years later. New lifts were installed when the tunnel was renovated in 2012. There’s a plaque […]

Model Drama

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I cut out the confusing backgrounds (the display cases at the exhibition at the V&A that I talked about in my last post) from these models to show these pieces of drapery to their best effect. The last image is just plain weird. And though it is nothing more than paper mâché, don’t you think it has a certain presence?

Beetle Dress

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Last week, Tamara and I went to the Fashion and Nature exhibition at the V&A in London. I was in London a couple of weeks before, and Tamara asked me to go and scout out the exhibition, which I did. I thought it was a fashion exhibition, not realising that the thrust of it was the damage that fashion does to the natural world. The lower floor of the exhibition was about days gone by […]

Colour Backgrounds behind quotes

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Colour backgrounds behind quotes in Gutenberg If you use Gutenberg and you want add a splash of colour behind a paragraph of text, you go over to the sidebar and you will see two tabs. One says Colour Settings and the other says Advanced. When you open the Colour Settings you see two palettes of colours. You can change the colour of the text and/or the colour of the background to the text. And you can […]

Spes Phthisica and the Heights Of Consumption

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Spes Phthisica and the Heights Of Consumption A while ago Tamara bought me a book, ‘As Kingfishers Catch Fire‘, and I opened it and started reading where it fell open, at the chapter on the skylark. You can see the words spes phthisica near the end of the text that I have quoted here, and I wondered whether the authors were being figurative or whether it was a real medical condition. RICHARD JEFFERIES AUTOBIOGRAPHY, The Story of My Heart, tells us […]