The World Of Mockups

I am doing the research for a new venture that is closely allied to what we (Tamara and I) do already. And in doing the research I learned about mockups. Did you know that there are people selling digital mockups?

In case you are not familiar with them, they are scenes designed for you to place your product into them. For example, you could be selling prints for the wall.

So you search for ‘living room’ mockups or some similar search term. You see one that catches your eye. Let’s say it’s a couch with a side table and a rustic basket. There’s a stone vase with a sprig of leaves in the vase. The colour coordination is great – very bright and modern and ‘Scandinavian’. On the wall behind the couch there is a blank picture frame. It’s a nice frame – rustic wood that matches the tone of the furniture.

You buy the digital file and place your print ‘in the frame’ and now you have something nice to show to potential customers. They can imagine what the print will look at on the wall before they choose to buy.

I remembered that I had a Polaroid mockup that I got as a freebie from Creative Market last year. I wrote about it here.

While thinking about things, I ‘taped’ three greeting cards to the Polaroid frames. You may notice that I had to ‘stretch’ the Polaroid frames to accommodate the shape of the cards.

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Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright

I’ve been playing about with this image on and off for months. I cannot recall what it started life out as, but I know that I ran it through an app on my phone that converts photos to illustrations.

Then I duplicated the layer in Photoshop and painted over the image. The tiger’s right eye was partially obscured in the original so I duplicated the tiger’s left eye and reversed it to make it’s right eye and then rotated it slightly before blending it in.

The second version is the result of moving the hue/saturation slider in Photoshop and choosing a colour to alter.

What do you think?