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Pleas Before Lords

Click the image for a larger version. I made this spoof proclamation because it came to mind in the knowledge of Brexit and while reading about the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. The power or the impotence of Parliament to deal with the coming crisis will… Read More

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Man Leaning

Man leaning against the doorway of Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge. Sidney Sussex College was founded on St. Valentine’s Day in 1596 by legacy of Lady Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex. I pass the college regularly, and now I have to appreciate for a moment… Read More

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Ewe At The Basket

I shot this in the lambing tent at Wimpole Hall, where the light was low. When I saw the muted colours of the image on my computer, I was reminded of early colour photography. The first present my wife Tamara gave me, soon after we… Read More