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Trees In The Botanic Garden In Cambridge

Trees in the Botanic Garden in Edingburgh:

Maybe it is in my eyes only because I have stood on this spot. But it looks to my eyes something very un-English, as in not of the English countryside.

Of course, the Botanic Garden is full of trees from all over the world, but I am impressed with how they created this mood.

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How Is The Randomness Determined?

white foxgloves

I know it seems an odd question to ask how randomness is determined. But the red spots on the white foxgloves are different in one flower to another, from one plant to another.

And there must be something that rules the randomness in the pattern.

Or perhaps it is not random at all? Perhaps the particular location of that flower relative to the plants and trees around it, the position of the sun, and who know what else, might all come together in that particular pattern.

But if it is not that, and it is just a release of the reins of control – then how does that arrangement happen?

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The Tree That Had Had Enough

The Tree Says:

Enough of this being rooted to the spot. I am a tree and I have had enough. I break free because the Earth is in danger; the waterways are clogged; pollution is creeping, inching its way into everything.

Disaster and Pollution (from 2010)

Arrgh, Disaster looms!

Well, that will push people along and you might think it is a laudable idea to get people to do good. The problem with it is that it tacitly makes the argument that doing all the things we do is OK so long as the consequence is that we do not cause famine, total breakdown, etc.

I have a slightly different argument on the ‘why’ of how we should proceed, which is this:

There may be room for argument about the effect that man is having on global warming. There may even be room for argument about whether we are experiencing global warming as anything other than a blip in the graph.

What is not in doubt is that we are destroying the Earth with pollution.

So I say don’t let arguments about global warming be a red herring to deflect from the fact that we should clean up the mess we are making.

It doesn’t or shouldn’t need the justification that we are facing disaster.

A tree does not need to justify its existence.

We do however need to justify destroying it, whether or not at some point down the road the fallen tree will get its innocent revenge by releasing CO2 and killing the planet.

And careful housekeeping – looking after the place and not treating it like a rubbish tip – is simply good manners and a show of gratitude.


Tamara and I spotted this tree while out for a walk along the river towards Stourbridge Common a few days ago.

The Full Frame Of the Shot

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Things that made me laugh, with a bitter taste in my mouth

More than a third of the population of England died during the outbreaks of the Black Death in England In the 1300s. Here is part of a contemporary report:

Then the bishop of Lincoln sent notice throughout his whole diocese giving general power to all priests, both regulars and seculars, to hear confessions and give absolution with full episcopal authority to all persons, except only in case of debt. In such a case, the debtor was to pay the debt, if he were able, while he lived, or others were to be appointed to do so from his goods after his death. In the same way the Pope gave plenary remission of all sins (once only) to all receiving absolution at the point of death, and granted that this power should last until Easter next following, and that every one might choose his own confessor at will.

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Pleas Before Lords

Click the image for a larger version.

I made this spoof proclamation because it came to mind in the knowledge of Brexit and while reading about the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.

The power or the impotence of Parliament to deal with the coming crisis will be tested while the outcome of the leadership contest within the Conservative Party is fought.