Through an Archway in Budapest

View through an archway off a street in Budapest

Nikon D5600 with 8-55mm AF-P lens / 1/80th second at f8, ISO 800, at 23mm

Here below is a screen grab of the image before processing. The biggest thing I did was to straighten up the verticals of the frame of the archway.

At least, that’s what I thought until I looked at the two images on the same page, as it were.

Now I can see how much I bumped up the saturation, particularly of the area beyond the archway. The final result looks almost too garish when I compare it with the untouched version. It didn’t look like that when I looked at it on its own, though.

How variable is the experience of experience.

12 thoughts on “Through an Archway in Budapest

    1. Budapest has interesting architecture, as befits what was once one of the twin capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It wasn’t until we visited that we saw how much there is. It’s full of gems, some run down like this and lots that are just magnificent.

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  1. From one to the other, I see your changes as simply being more like the progression of time and comparable to natural light later in the day. Much easier on the eye David. I quite like it: )


  2. The grass is greener …

    My photos aren’t sharp. Not for printing. I have one I was going to order a canvas print, only to find it wasn’t sharp enough 😢


      1. It’s me.

        Never felt the urge to have any printed before so I just haven’t looked at them. I have this One picture of Gerry and McDuff together but it just isn’t fit for printing.


        1. If you like the image you could get it printed. Maybe it might not matter that it is not sharp. I am thinking of Julia Margaret Cameron, who defocused her images so that there was a softer look to her portraits.


      2. I was trying to use Amazon’s printing service — it was there it appeared not sharp. Fixed it up a little in Photoshop and went back there. It was better. When I was about to check out, it turned out they don’t ship outside the US. Pfft … ! Went to Costco instead and there the image appeared GREAT! Much better. Will use that site but I will think a bit more about what size I want.


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