A Paean To Sunlight On Leaves

sunlight on leaves

I was thinking of this as a paean to sunlight and leaves. That got me to wonder whether I was using the word paean correctly.

Googling around I found out that it is a song of triumph or praise, and also a creative work expressing enthusiastic praise. So I am OK with this photo as a paean.

Since I’ve had my Fuji X-T2 I have seen more clearly than before that a camera does not represent reality.

I say that because the way the Fuji draws the colours and the juxtaposition of intensities is so very different from my Nikon camera, that really they are just two different expressions.

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  1. I always preferred FujiFilm for its intensity of colour, but most particularly its ability to capture reds. Later, when digital first came about, I found the Fuji “not-quite-an-SLR” with that same ability and a lens like no other: )

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