Scythes Out, Scythes Ready

Getting ready, picking up their scythes and moving. Moving either away because they are not in the competition, or to the place they should stand to get ready for scything.

And now they are in position and ready for the competition. Who can scythe a marked-off patch of grass in the shortest time?

Years ago, when I had a biggish piece of land, I had a scythe. I probably bought it secondhand at a dead-stock market. And although it is a long time since I held a scythe, I could imagine the balance, the weight, the swing of it, and the resistance of the grass.

So these images may well mean more than the casual viewer can get from them. But I do like the little dog.


  1. writemeow says:

    When I grew up I learned to scythe. My uncle, who owned the house, didn’t like to mow and hence the grass always grew too tall for the lawn mower. Pfft … We had a thing with a wheel where you could sharpen the blade of the scythe — hadn’t thought of this in years!


    1. Now I can picture this pastoral scene.

      You have just jogged my memory – I had a carbarundum stone, a cylinder tapered at each end, fat in the middle, about 25cm long that was designed to be run along the blade to sharpen it. And old memory.


  2. She looks quite prepared to jump on anything that might get flushed out of that field, doesn’t she?; )


    1. Good observation. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, that and she’s a Ratter; )


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