A Sheep

Libre 2 is a lovely theme available in the WordPress.com theme repository that is also available to download from there and use on self-hosted sites.

I don’t know why Automattic (who make the theme) don’t add it to the WordPress.org theme repository as well?

I wanted a header for my self-hosted site, No More Pencils.

I had previously been using Cocoa, a theme from ElmaStudio. (I actually bought all their themes as a bundle when they were doing a promotion. I like their themes but I wanted a change.)

Cocoa is available as a premium theme on WordPress.com, which comes included with the package if you have one of the paid plans.

For the header on No More Pencils, I made a chopped-down version of the photo you can see above.

You might spot that there is more background to the left of the sheep – which I made by copying a section of the background and extending the image.

I did it because of the dimensions of the header image that the theme required.

Why a sheep? Or as Groucho Marx might have said ‘Viaduct?’

No reason except my heart warms to animals that look as though they are contemplating the universe and are the chased rather than the chasers.


  1. Tamara Colloff-Bennett says:

    Super gorgeous sheep, I love the opposite bandito look (a white versus black mask around the eyes, that is)! Do you know what breed it is?


    1. It’s a Blackface. It may be a Scottish Blackface. The data on the original RAW file says that I shot it on the 25 August 2008, so my guess is that we were on the moors somewhere in the Keighley area, south of the Dales National Park.

      I just put another photo up that I took on the same day.

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      1. Tamara says:

        Thanks for the info, David 🐑

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  2. Looks like he/she is wondering… Do you have food, perchance?; )


    1. I’m just wondering, what would I offer a sheep other than grass? I know horses like and need oats and things like that to supplement their diet of grass, but sheep – not sure whether they need anything except grass.

      A while ago I learned what the Range wars in the US were about and why cattle ranchers disliked sheep so much. You may well know, but I didn’t now that it was on account of the fact that sheep nibble while cows need a long enough length to be able to wrap their tongues around and pull. So when sheep were let loose, they cut the grass down to a fine sward and made it impossible for cattle to feed. I saw those Westerns on TV when I was a kid and never knew what the argument was about.


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