Poppy Heads In July

poppy seed heads

Click on the image for a larger version.

It was just a few short weeks ago in June that I photographed some poppy heads, and now the topes of these same heads are turning brown. No doubt the seeds are hardening inside, getting ready to be blown out through the little holes in the top of the seed head by the wind.

And the insects have been busy snagging the seed heads together. And the breeze has blown bits of debris into the strands.

Life in miniature.


    1. For nature, yes. Nothing seems final – everything can be redeemed and renewed somehow.

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      1. The Law of Conservation of Mass – Antoine Lavoisier, 1785 – states: Matter can neither be created nor destroyed.


        1. Science lives within matter, but the author of existence lives outside of it.

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        2. I would venture to say that all of these are one and the same.

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