Poppy Heads

After trying the X-T10 and thinking it was too small in my hands, I tried to like its big brother, the Fuji X-T1.

But after finding the X-T1 still just a bit too small in my hands, I picked up my Nikon and right away it felt better.

It is easier and quicker to use. The only downside of course, is that it weighs quite a bit more. But then, what’s the point in something more convenient to hold if it isn’t as pleasant to shoot with?

These are poppy heads shot with the Nikon and the 50mm f1.8 lens yesterday. Not the easiest target as they swayed in the breeze, so an impressionistic shot rather than pin-accurate

And that brings me to the point of this commentary. I had a 35mm f1.4 lens on the Fuji. I have never shot an f1.4 lens before. I thought the separation between subject and other objects with the f1.4 would be more or less the same as an f1.8 lens. How wrong I was – the extra stop with the lens wide open made a big difference.


  1. Rebekah says:

    It’s a gorgeous photo, regardless of everything else. I love poppies.


    1. Me too. When I lived in Norfolk, the fields, which were treated with herbicides, would be barren until the wheat or whatever crop came through. Then after a few years of that – a miracle – carpets of red poppies. I felt like the poppies were saying “Think you can get rid of us so easily? Take that!”

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      1. Rebekah says:

        Yeah, some are called ‘Corn poppy’, I believe.

        Do you use two-step-authentication in Apple?

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        1. I just call them red poppies, but I put corn poppies into Google and Wikipedia gives it lots of names common poppy, corn poppy, corn rose, field poppy, Flanders poppy or red poppy. Flanders poppy comes from after the First World War when the poppies came back in the fields blasted by war (you probably know that)

          No, I don’t use two-factor authentication. It’s getting harder to avoid it when the updates come along, and I have almost enabled it by accident.


        2. Rebekah says:

          Yes, about Flanders. I know about the poem too — it’s read every year on Remembrance Day here.

          I’m scared of the two-factor thing … scared to ‘eff’ up my Apple-ID so I can’t get in! I have a feeling, though, that sooner or later, I’ll have to. I used to have a set-up in Gmail, so that I could use my Apple address in there. That no longer works, and I think it’s due to this.


        3. Me too – worried about being locked out.

          I was getting notices from Gmail that I was using it on an insecure device – (haha, it’s Apple Mail) – and I had to ask them to ignore the ‘insecurity’. That may be connected to why you can/cannot use your Apple address for two-factor use with Gmail – Just a thought – probably wrong


        4. Rebekah says:

          No, that’s it. It all started around June 15, when they said it would take effect. I just separated them, to avoid the hassle … for now.


        5. For a moment I thought you meant Sweden with Remembrance Day. That’s telling, isn’t it – I think of you as Swedish rather than Canadian, no matter where you are living.


        6. Rebekah says:

          Yes 🙂 and nothing can change that. I talk about it so much, and also the fact I was so old when I moved, contributes. Had I moved when I was eighteen or so, I might have considered myself Canadian by now … who knows.


        7. That’s good – nice to know what one is.

          I read that even in this ‘enlightened’ day, most people in the UK live within 45 miles of where their grandparents lived.


        8. Rebekah says:

          Wow! I would’ve too, had I not moved — at least my maternal.


        9. And yet we think (at least in the UK) of the modern era as being so free and liberated 🙂

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        10. I went to university based in part on it being one of the furthest from my home town 🙂

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