Easily Set Up A Free WordPress Site On ThisIsTap

This Is Tap advertises itself as providing managed WordPress hosting without the hassle.

You can run a subdomain for free. A subdomain means you choose a name (let’s say you choose ‘nimble’) and assuming no one else has chosen that name, then your site will be nimble.thisistap.com

For $5.00/month you can use a custom domain and SFTP access.

I set up a free subdomain site and ran it through GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights and it’s running pretty fast.

Really, there is no reason not to set up at least a free sub-domain site there.

Think of this: You can run advertisements – something you generally cannot do in WordPress.com


  1. Rebekah M says:

    Interesting. 10GB is alright as long as you remember to compress your photos. Care to share your URL? 😊


    1. Yes, that’s true. It is easy to burn through space with big images. I just checked and I have only used 122MB on this site, and I’ve had it for years – and with images in almost every post.

      Sure, the site is Six Ways (link opens in a new window) and I have run out of steam after two posts 🙂

      By the way, did you get an invitation today to subscribe by email to No More Pencils? I am trying Postmatic after reading an article by Danny Brown about it.


      1. Rebekah M says:

        Will have a look.

        Yes, I got it, responded with the word agree and got a confirmation. I’ve read about that before and been curious about it. Will be interesting to see what it’s like.


        1. Great – thank you. The article by Danny Brown is here – Danny Brown on Postmatic 2.0

          I don’t normally read his stuff. Or rather, I do if I happen to look there. But I used to follow someone else’s blog and he stopped comments completely. When he started again today he used the ‘send to everyone who ever commented’ feature of Postmatic to tell all his old commenters what he was doing.

          I (foolish person) deleted all my old comments on No More Pencils when I disabled comments a while back. So telling everyone that way wasn’t an option.

          Basically though, there is a plan. I am setting up a blog on the ecommerce site and that’s a site where I definitely want to get engagement. More on that later.

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        2. Rebekah M says:

          When I first read about it, I figured my readers either wouldn’t care for it or get confused, so I didn’t bother. Thought the idea was pretty appealing, though, as I do most things from my email.


        3. I said something along those lines in the comments on Danny Brown’s article – but maybe it will work. It reduces friction, but then people don’t actually have to visit the site. Is that good or bad?


        4. Rebekah M says:

          Bad, if you want them to appreciate your awesome design *grin*


        5. Absolutely! Danny Brown commented that it’s possible to put a section in the footer with a link to things – in his case it’s a book he has written. I’ll forward it to you.

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