1. Just look at those eyes. He could have whatever he asked for!


  2. nicklewis says:

    Really great picture David 🙂


  3. nicklewis says:

    David – do you subscribe to my site or follow via WordPress.com? I am cheekily aiming to up it’s followers 🙂


    1. Hi Nick, I am following by RSS and I got an email notification this morning via Google’s feed-proxy.

      I just went in to your post on Sunset Over Mauritius and liked it and followed via WP.com. 🙂

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      1. nicklewis says:

        Ah good old RSS, had forgotten about that!! Thanks for the follow.


        1. RSS is a subject in itself. I’ve read endless articles about how the thing one must have is an email list. And also how the RSS feed should be just the excerpt in order to pull people back to the site. And how it is best to have people sign up to RSS to be alerted by email rather than in a feed reader.

          It’s all too much. I used to use Google Reader until they junked it. And I set up Feedly, but I hardly ever look there. I set up BlogLovin and I look there occasionally. But there is no way I am going to sign up to lots of sites by email and have my inbox swamped. You are an exception, of course 🙂

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        2. nicklewis says:

          Yes it is a fine balance, how much email do you want? Sometimes 1 email is 1 too many!


        3. Inbox Zero – It’s easy – I just delete them!

          Then I feel left out because I don’t get any emails…

          Liked by 1 person

        4. nicklewis says:

          CMD+A then CMD-Delete that often does the trick! Hehe!


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