Amsterdam: After The Retreat

a view of Wide Heisteeg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After the retreat that I went to in the north of Holland I spent a few days in Amsterdam. I met a friend there and also went to two museums.

And I walked the streets. Here in this and the next post or two, are images from the streets of the city. This, according to my phone is near Wijde Heisteeg.

It’s a beautiful city, that I know from many years ago. In the past few days I learned again what I especially feel close to, and that is the undulations of the streets near the bridges. They create such an impression that I find myself standing, as though in the right spot, drinking it in.

In The Rijksmuseum

This is a small coffee stand in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The main cafe is elsewhere in the museum. I was going to go to the main cafe, but it was packed with people and with more people waiting in the queue to get in. I wasn’t hungry enough to join the queue, and so I came here instead.

I took the photo because of the dark and light in the scene, and because with a museum full of art, this couple were looking at the glass above their heads.

Perhaps they were remodelling their house and thought the glass provided inspiration for their plans. Or perhaps they were master criminals, looking at the wiring and not at the glass,

Who knows.