Mating Damselflies

Tamara spotted these two damselflies on the railing by the riverside as we walked along yesterday.

They were oblivious (at least I think they were) as I put the camera into closeup mode and got nearer and nearer to shoot the photos.

I have made a larger than usual web version of the photo, so if you click the photo and then click again, you will see it much larger.

The male is the one with the blue wings. He is at the front and he is clasping the female around the back of her neck. This is apparently to resist the attempts by other males to dislodge him.

At the same time she bends body under and in front of her to connect with the male’s genitals.

I’m not clear exactly what is going on because I read that the male has secondary genitalia under the second and third segment of his abdomen. Which begs the question of where the male’s primary genitalia are…

After mating, the male guards the female from rivals while she lays her eggs by pushing them into plants just below the surface of the water.

So it makes sense that we saw them by the river because it saves on travel time.

Know Your Damsels and Dragons

It’s good to know damselflies from dragonflies. I knew about the different ways they rest their wings when they are stationary, but I didn’t know about the eyes or the relative size of the two pairs of wings.


At rest they hold their wings along the length of their body. (That
is except the emerald damselflies).
Their wings are about equal size and shape.
Their eyes are always separated.


At rest they hold their wings out at right angles to their body.
Their fore wings are different from their hind wings.
Their eyes are large and generally meet at the top of their head.


Pretty sure these are Banded Demoiselles.

Into The Woods – What Camera?

Looking into the woods – a quick shot in Aperture Priority with the camera at 1/13th of a second at f5.6 and 250ISO. I shot in RAW and put it through Adobe Camera Raw. I dialled down the saturation because the photo was too colourful and the scene didn’t look that colourful to my eye when I was looking into the wood.

It’s surely not a spectacular photo, but what camera do. you think I used to take this shot? You can click the photo and then click again to see a larger version.