The Sweet Life In Rome

In Federico Fellini’s 1961 ‘La Dolce Vita’, a film set in Rome, a reporter drifts through life. His girlfriend has overdosed, he pursues an heiress, and also chases after a carefree spirit, a move star that he cannot attain. He reflects on life and his impossible position, and chases on.

The move star (Anita Ekberg) is a little drunk – drunk on freedom as much as anything – and walks into the Trevi Fountain. Here she is, in the water in the middle of the night.


And then from our trip to Rome – the Trevi in 2023, in daylight.

And then seen from further back, behind the crowd. And look to the bottom right hand corner of the building against which the fountain is built – and then at the last photo that shows this little architectural detail – as though the building is bring propped up by stones that are in danger of splitting apart and collapsing.

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