The Oldest Bookshop In England

The white building and the adjoining brick and white fronted building on the corner, together make up the Cambridge University Press Bookshop at no.1 Trinity Street, Cambridge.

The first record of a bookshop on this site, run by a William Scarlett is from 1581. That makes the site, as a bookshop, four hundred and years old, and the oldest site of a bookshop in England, trading from century to century to the present day.

Plainly, the architecture does not date from the 1500s. According to Historic England, the building was rebuilt in the early 19th century. It is now a Grade II Listed Building, which means basically that it cannot be altered because it is considered to be of architectural significance.

Cambridge has a lot of interesting architecture, and there are 47 Grade II buildings in the city. More than that, there are 67 Grade 1 buildings, which are buildings of exceptional special historical or architectural importance.

What strikes me, as the photographer who took the photo, is that I knew there were people in the shot because I did my best to have them not obscure the bookshop. But I didn’t really notice them. And now they are trapped in amber, so to speak, mid walk.

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  1. Denzil says:

    I wouldn’t fancy that painter’s job: all that white to paint and only that little step-ladder! 🙂

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