Street Photography in Austria

I guess they are tourists. Are they related – perhaps father and son? The man getting off the carriage is being handed a stick, so I guess he is somewhat infirm. He seems to be nicely making light of his difficulty in getting down.

The carriages are known as Fiakers – and the drivers’ derby hats are part of the dress code.

I think the building just visible in the left of the photo is St. Stephen’s Cathedral (commonly known as Stephansdom, or just Dom).

That would put the scene in Vienna.

But it is not certain that that is the Dom. If someone knew the layout of the rest of the streets they could say whether it is Vienna.

But in the absence of that it could be Salzburg because there are fiakers there too.

So could this be Salzburg? And the answer is that it could not because the horses have little covers on their ears. One horse has red covers and the other has green covers edged with white piping.

And Fiaker horses in Salzburg do not have coverings on their ears. Only the horses in Vienna have the coverings.

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