From Norman To Gothic: Winchester Cathedral.


Winchester cathedral is 170 m long (558 feet) long. That makes it the longest medieval cathedral in the world. The fact doesn’t impress me, and I am not super interested in who or what is the longest, the biggest, etc.

What does interest me is that the cathedral began life in the ten hundreds under the orders of William Norman. And if you walk down the cathedral you come to the Norman part, as you can see in the second photo here.

And it quite different from the Gothic arches with fan vaulted ceilings that stretch to infinity (or 170 m) down the length of the middle of the cathedral. I really should have attempted a shot of the main part of the cathedral, but the lens on my camera is 40mm full-frame equivalent, so it would only capture a bit of it.

By the way, Jane Austen is buried here.



  1. John says:

    A beautiful cathedral! 🇬🇧

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  2. Wonderful cathedral it spells of life of the past and an engineering great.
    Some of the buildings in the world I think are meant to speak of so many things….. Kudos

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