Fuji X-T2 and Nikon D500 Comparison

I took one of these photos with the Fuji X-T2 and the other with the Nikon D500. I had the 35mm f1.8 lens on the Nikon and the 18-55mm lens on the Fuji. I set the aperture and ISO to the same setting on both cameras.

The only variable was that I shot the poppy handheld, so I may have leaned forward or backwards a little in one shot compared to the other. That and the fact that the 18-55mm lens on the Fuji is image stabilised.

I don’t think that made any difference because the shutter speed was fast enough to copy with any camera shake.

So I am interested to know whether you have a preference for either of the photos? Personally, I think they are both good for colour accuracy.


  1. To me the top shot is crisper and the colors are more natural looking. The bottom image looks washed out and quite yellow. But I wasn’t there to see what you were shooting, so that’s only my impression.

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    1. OK, first a reason why a person might not want to upgrade to a D500. The D500 weighs twice as much as the D5600. Now for reasons to say yes: It feels very good in the hand, very solid and it gives me confidence that it is a good tool. It focuses very very quickly and the images it produces are very good. It likes a lot of light on the sensor – by which I mean that if I use a higher ISO, then it gets noisy if it is underexposed. But give it enough light and it is great.

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