6 thoughts on “Poppy Close Up

  1. Really lovely! Were you bending, hand held, I assume? It’s not easy to get all the flower parts in focus. I love the sharp, yet soft look of the little petals around the center. I’m sure that’s not the correct botanical name for those parts! I’ve never seen this color poppy. There are so many different ones. I would like some in my garden, at some point.


    1. You are right, I was bending and hand-holding the camera. The lens is image stabilised which helps. The EXIF data says I shot it at 1/450th second at f4. At that close distance the depth of field is pretty small, so it’s easy to miss focus. I too have never seen those curly bits in a poppy flower. Very unusual. The poppies are in our garden, so I could collect some seeds in due course and send them to you.


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