1. Absolutely love these David!
    Top photo. Hmm… Thinking I can see (a type of Cranesbill Geranium?); Burdock; Narrow-Leaf Plantain; Ox-Eye(?) Daisy; Cleavers(?) and the dominant feature here, with all the pink blossom is just SO familiar (but I think the one I have growing here actually has white petals, is a type of Bladder Campion (Silene latifolia) and a relative of the wild Maiden’s Tears (Silene vulgaris)…. YES!! Yours here is “Silene dioica, known as red campion and red catchfly…”
    And (oh my, as sneaky as always:/) some Stinging Nettle!!

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  2. And in this second shot: Sedum, Day-lilies, Lungwort, Chives, Shepherd’s Purse, Foxglove (and I think some ” ‘Echium vulgare’ also known as Viper’s bugloss and Blueweed…”
    (A great honey plant that Dad always called Blue Burr)

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