Red Rectangle In A Cream Field – A Test

What The Image Library Knows

Testing whether this is how to get the Image Library to know what image is attached to what post. And it is.

Now for an explanation of the problem and the solution.

When you add an image to a post, what do you do? Well, what I have been doing for the longest time is to add an image block (of course).

But then… in the choice that is presented to me I have been using ‘Upload’. Why? Because the image is not on the WordPress server yet so I need to upload it! And of course it works. But…

The ‘but’ is that when I go to the Media Library is shows that image as unattached. See this screenshot from my Media Library. Do you see where it says (Unattached)?

Why is that important? It is important for two reasons.

1. Because knowing that an image is truly not attached means I can safely delete it if not needed.

2. Because when searching for and finding an image I used at some time in the past, I am able to find to what post it is actually attached.

So what have I been doing ‘wrong’ all this time? Look at this screenshot.

I have been choosing ‘Upload’. What I should have been choosing is ‘Media Library’, and then when I am taken to the Media Library I should choose ‘Upload’ there. Then the media library ‘knows’ to which post an image in the library is attached.

I understand now that the Media Library is unable to know to which post an image in the Library has been attached unless the image is pulled from the Media Library in the first place. I could say this is a limitation of WordPress. I could wonder why there are two Upload buttons…

But I think this is a win and it solves my problem for the future.

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