What Is An Aside

An aside in WordPress is a post type.

In its grammatical sense it is an utterance not meant to be heard by everyone within earshot, but by a certain person or people only.

It is also used in acting on the stage where the character says an aside to the audience and conveys the idea that the utterance is not heard by the other characters.

I shall post this as an ‘aside’ post type in order to see how it renders to the reader – both in the WP Reader and in the browser.



  1. JenT says:

    Hm, I had to go to the list of themes that support post formats to ensure that this one does. The post title appears a bit differently here and there is a background color to the post as well (when viewing on your site, not in the Reader). Very subtle. If you look at that list on the Support site, you’ll see the vast majority of themes mentioned are no longer available.


    1. Where is the list of themes that support post formats?


        1. Who knew? A whole world of themes categorised by filters 🙂

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