Horse Grazing

New Forest pony nibbling grass

In the New Forest, last year.

And I notice that the post title is not showing. The title is in the posts list in the sidebar, and the URL reflects the post title – but the title is not showing in the post itself. I cleared the cache and tried a different browser – and nothing. So I reported it to Support.

And I have an answer, which is that somehow or other I must have set the Post Format to ‘image’ rather than ‘standard’.

For anyone interested in this, look over in the sidebar and you will see the Post Format options are:



  1. JenT says:

    Love the interplay of textures between the grass and the horse’s coat.

    Since I’m reading in the Reader, I didn’t notice any lack of post title, but if your theme supports post formats (which is quite an old feature) being an Aside would have left off the title. I’m not so sure about Image, though.


    1. Thanks. Until Support pointed out what had happened, I forgot that asides and images existed as a kind of post type that one could choose. I wonder whether some bloggers on newer themes miss the loss of post types?


      1. JenT says:

        Frankly, I don’t think users who are new to the platform are aware of them. It isn’t a feature on the majority of themes these days (at least here on WPcom) and I think even WP standalone gave up on them.

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        1. As an aside (haha) I might try an aside to see how it renders on the page.

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