The Land Is Parched

Observing whether people are social distancing has overtaken all other observations, but the parched land is pretty evident.

Sitting under an Indian Bean Tree – on the Green, five minutes’ walk from the centre of Cambridge.

Sitting under an Indian Bean Tree - on the Green, five minutes' walk from the centre of Cambridge.


  1. Joan E. Miller says:

    I’ve not heard of an Indian Bean tree. Do you have the Latin name?


    1. Yes, it’s a Catalpa bignonioides, otherwise known as a cigar tree. The beans are very narrow, about ten inches long and hang vertically. They stay on the tree into the winter.


  2. Funny thing about Catalpa though… The seeds are not Beans but instead very thin fuzzy things and it’s the thickness of the pod (insulating material inside) which actually makes them look like bean pods. Seed are wind disbursed. (And it took me years of searching and checking to actually catch them at the right time to know this for sure; ) Still looking for ripened seed to try my own starts. My Grandparents had a Catalpa when I was very small and its flowers and seed pods never failed to enchant me♥️


    1. They are lovely – and somehow the sheer luxury of the leaves and the seed pods hanging make me think of Antebellum Southern States.

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  3. This is exactly how the grass in our Town Park looks as well – as though there’s been a Festival held every weekend since May:/. I think it’s quite likely a combination of things here: also the fact that so many people were driving here after the Parks in Toronto were closed at the beginning of Covid19, the Town was trying to save money by not watering and because people had so much spare time but while our beach was closed, the Park was open (theoretically for use by local people, not those supposedly remaining under lockdown in ‘The City’/aka GTA (Greater Toronto Area)… :/


    1. The incidence here in Cambridge is now is very low. There are a couple of cities in the north that have much higher infection rates, and they are skewing the UK figures upwards again.


    2. It rained here today – really lashed it down. I hope the rain soaked in and didn’t flash off. I asked Tamara to come to the window so we could look at the grass and fix the colour in our minds. I hope when we look tomorrow we will already see the colour has changed back towards green.


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