Trying The New Posts Carousel Block

WordPress dot com have just introduced a new block that lets you display a carousel of posts. It’s called the Post Carousel block. The post that introduced it says that ‘by default, the block will display your most recent posts’.

I wonder whether that means that there is (or will be) a way to get the Post Carousel block to display older posts if one wants? I can’t see a way at the moment. Maybe I am missing something.

Actually, I can see one way to show older posts and that is to take advantage of the options to specify author, categories, and tags of the posts.

I could tag certain posts with something that is unique – such as ‘top-charlie’ and that would force those posts to show. But that workaround is isn’t a good use of tags.

A better idea might be if WP was to introduce an option to specify a date range for the posts.

Carousels For Self-Hosted Sites

It just so happens that over the best day or two I have been looking at carousels or sliders for a self-hosted site. I settled on one using a plugin named MetaSlider.

The pro version allows you to overlay text. And even better with the theme I use (GeneratePress pro version) it is simple to integrate the slider right into the header element.

Now having worked out how to do it, I am not 100% sure whether to do it.

On the one hand I know I myself am magnetically attracted to anything that moves. If I walk into a shop and there is TV with an advertisement for a headband to wear when out hiking, I stare at it.

On the other hand, developers say they hate sliders/carousels and that people hate them.

‘Sliders’ implies sliding, but the option I like in MetaSlider are where one image (with a text overlay) fades out and another replaces it.

In other words, nothing slides and nothing moves – left to right or whatever.

Imagine a slider at the top of a web site, with an image fading out and being replaced by another, and then another. That’s what I am thinking about. Do you love or hate them?


  1. JenT says:

    Whenever TPTB introduce a new feature, I check how it looks on mobile and happily this one does on all my devices as long as I’m visiting your site. In my feedly reader, however, the images appear one after the other regardless of device. Do we know any longer the number of users who visit our sites via mobile device? I think we did once upon a time.


    1. Thanks for the tip. I see what you mean about Feedly. I just looked, and the WordPress Reader also renders the carousel with separate images one after another.


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