Sheep and Snowdrops

Light is everything in photography – that and a subject you want to photograph. The weather has been weathery, full of weather. It doesn’t encourage me to want to photograph. Boo.

So in lieu of light, I scrubbed the grass from the sheepy photo and upped some of the post-settings in Photoshop to make the ewe more impressionistic.

The snowdrops are here because there were a lot of them – snowdrops to the left of me, snowdrops to the right.

a ewe standing looking at the camera

snowdrops a plenty


  1. Tamara says:

    You really captured what a cutie that sheep was, David! I recall how she left her pals in the rest of the flock to come over to the fence to “visit” with us.

    My, how thick her fleece looks in a photo!… 🙂

    Additionally, your snowdrop photo has a lovely sparkly quality to it.

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    1. She was a bright ewe, wasn’t she!

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  2. nicklewis says:

    The Ewe is great isn’t she? I also like the snowdrops and think it is in fact a really good year for them. You probably saw my photos on Instagram that I took at Mottisfont? Well, they were growing in bountiful abundance there!!

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    1. Yes Mottisfont, National Trust – liked it on Instagram.

      I wonder what the trigger is for all the snowdrops?

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  3. Joan E. Miller says:

    Cutie ewe! I’ve never seen so many snowdrops. I suspect they were planted, no?

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    1. Yes, I am sure they were planted – after that they spread with bulblets and seeds

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  4. “Here I am, stuck in the middle with ewe!” LOL, Hullo David (and Tamara: ) Was just wondering where you’d gone! There were some lovely vaulted church ceilings on (Escape to the Country) just yesterday – which of course made me think of your photos from
    Are the Snowdrops actually out already (and is this normal timing for them?)

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    1. Been busy! And we were just in Oxford and I photographed these in Oxfordshire about twenty miles from Oxford.

      You can see in the comments that Nick photographed some in Mottisfont. That’s a National Trust property in Hampshire – which is pretty much in the middle of the South of England – so not many miles from where I photographed snowdrops.

      I don’t think the snowdrops are early, I have seen them poking their heads out of the snow some years. I did see a few daffodils though, and they were early.

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      1. No, not that at all… I truly meant that I’d JUST been thinking of your vaulted ceiling photos… And then, not 24 hours had passed before you threw up a post: )

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