Milliner’s Cottage

Milliner’s Cottage is on Castle Hill on the original site of the city of Cambridge and now a mile or so north of the present-day centre of the city.

There is a castle, but it is just a grassy mound next to the car park of the Council offices at Shire Hall, a hundred yards further up the hill.

I googled ‘Milliner’s Cottage’ and according to the estate agent’s details from 2013 that I googled, (is everything kept forever, online?) Milliner’s Cottage is a Grade II listed Georgian property created out of two cottages, one of which was indeed a milliners’ cottage.

So it is a cottage, a home. It is not a business. And that being so, I think it is odd that there are hats in the window.


        1. I was thrown off because I thought it was the cottage next door, number 61. Had I looked a bit more closely (aka in a less blinkered way) I would have seen the very obvious hats in the window. So yes, probably it is a functioning business. Next time I am up the hill I will perhaps knock on the door of 61 (or 63).


  1. Lovely that it is still The Milliner’s Cottage, just as when all shop keepers lived in the rooms above their business… Even more lovely that Cambridge still has a Milliner (and a Haberdashery? (Oh, and speaking of which, the second “King’s Men” movie comes out this weekend)


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