This is a design I am working on. It’s from a photograph of a flamingo that I took a couple of years ago.

I duplicated the flamingo and placed it behind the original and then added the ripples to give the effect of it standing in water. I made the image a few days ago and haven’t looked at it since.

I like repetition in design, so the idea still grabs me but now that I look at it, the image itself seems a bit heavy handed. The black outline, the violent (yes, violent) colours – I feel like I should tone it back. What do you think? What would you do?

Heads Apart



  1. dapplegrey says:

    I like them. I think it would be interesting to tone the pink back in just selected areas, either part of the heads or the bodies, maybe. Not sure. But the thing that I’m more aware of myself is the very close proximity of the heads, which gives tension where there’s such a narrow gap. That bothers me more than the colour! What do you think?


    1. Well, well, what a good observation about the heads. I moved them apart and it does seem to me that the scene is more relaxed and more suited to their character.

      See second version here.


      1. dapplegrey says:

        Ah! I like that better! Of course now we have something potentially problematical about the legs, but that matters a lot less and I think I like the rather more tangled overlap there. Interesting. Yes, I prefer it. Do you?


        1. Yes, I will have to do something about the legs. Apart from that, yes – I much prefer it (and so do the flamingos).


        2. dapplegrey says:

          And I think they’re now a paler pink? Which I like better. What fun!


        3. Yes, paler pink. I am going to try with a softer outline in place of the black. Not sure what to do with the leg tangle now that I look at it.


        4. dapplegrey says:

          I bet you wish they could move their legs independently! But they’re getting better. I’ll leave it with you (and hope you don’t wish you’d never asked…..)

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  2. I like the softer colors in the head in the second version. Maybe the legs should be a paler brown? I find it odd that only one set of legs has ripples. Also, I think there needs to be some hint of wings – the body is too blank. All that said, I like them… 🙂


    1. Ah, thank you – Yes, paler brown is a good idea. I made some changes and it seems better.

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  3. While I agree the colour is a tad intense in Version 1, their legs seem less confusing to me than in V2. Might it help if the bird in front were either slightly darker or lighter than the other? Perhaps give an illusion of depth and help differentiate between the two?
    Just a thought; )


    1. Yes, in fact I made another version with the legs of the bird in front lighter than those of the bird behind, and that looks better to my eye.

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