Looking Towards The Grassmarket In Edinburgh

From Wikipedia

The Grassmarket is located directly below Edinburgh Castle and forms part of one of the main east-west vehicle arteries through the city centre. It adjoins the Cowgate and Candlemaker Row at the east end, the West Bow (the lower end of Victoria Street) in the north-east corner, King’s Stables Road to the north west and the West Port to the west. Leading off from the south-west corner is the Vennel, on the east side of which can still be seen some of the best surviving parts of the Flodden and Telfer town walls.


  1. OMG, if it weren’t for all things automotive, this could pass for at least a century ago… Absolutely LOVE the perspective (light, subject, and on and on… ; ) Well done!!


    1. There’s an air of the past in Edinburgh – it might be because the buildings are so solid that the town planners in the 1960s could knock them down!


      1. I often wonder about “Town Planners”…


        1. Leave creativity at the door…

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