Blackford Hill and The Hermitage Of Braid

panoramic view of the Hermitage Of Braid, Edinburgh

Rocky outcrop - Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh

This is Blackford Hill and The Hermitage Of Braid. It’s in Edinburgh, south of the centre but still well within the city. So that’s pretty good for Edinburgh.

It’s a nature reserve managed by the City of Edinburgh Council and parts of it meander along river and other parts are steep craggy slopes covered in gorse.

Click on the top image for a large panorama.


  1. Rebekah M says:

    Good for Edinburgh, to have such a lovely looking area within its city limits. We’re fortunate too, here, to have Rockwood Park in the city.


    1. Yes, good for Edinburgh.

      Do you have any photos of Rockwood Park on your blog?

      You know, even though Edinburgh is the capital it is really just a small place – population less than half a million. When the festivals are on that rises to one-and-a-half million. I sometimes wonder where they all stay.


      1. Rebekah M says:

        Almost all my photos are from Rockwood Park, but they are mainly ducks, squirrels and deer 🙂 — not the actual park. It’s my favourite place here.


        1. Ooh, it would be good to see a more general landscape 🙂


        2. Rebekah M says:

          Yes, I’m thinking of that right now 🙂

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  2. Mara Eastern says:

    Lovely photos of what looks like a lovely area 🙂 The only piece of nature I had the chance to visit in Edinburgh was, unsurprisingly, Arthur’s Seat, which I found quite fascinating. I had the good luck of spending three weeks in Edinburgh at a summer school and stayed in dorms sitting at the foot of Arthur’s Seat. I had a nice view of it.


    1. Did you climb Arthur’s Seat? I still can’t get over looking at it and seeing little dots of figures of people who have climbed it.

      I recall reading that Edinburgh is built on the plug of an ancient volcano and that the castle and Arthur’s Seat are on different parts of the rim, so the volcano must have been a ‘big’ item in the landscape millions of years ago.


      1. Mara Eastern says:

        Yep! I did climb Arthur’s Seat – not on my first visit, but later. The views were simply stunning. So were the general surroundings. It’s easier to climb it than it looks, though I was overtaken by many joggers and one elderly man who was just racing up, so much faster than me. It was vaguely humiliating 😮 Edinburgh is a fascinating city, geography-wise.


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