This is an image I took a long time ago with a film camera. And I probably toned it in sepia toner – or maybe I overlaid the scanned image with colour in Photoshop.

I don’t recall because it was all a long time ago.

But one thing I remember and that I have to ‘fess up’ to is that I used the ‘swirl’ tool in Photoshop to give the tree a bit more twist.

The tree reminds me of a stick-thin old gentleman holding his arms up. Or maybe a woman holding her hairdo in place.

5 thoughts on “Hawthorn

  1. Oh David, she’s a wonderful Old Crone!
    Just like the rest of her kind; standing stubbornly against the winds of time, nay LEANing into the future; a symbol of Nature’s determination, her drive to survive?
    And the fence is a perfect companion: patched and worn, but still standing: )


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