Broughton Street, Edinburgh

I photographed this with my iPhone using the panorama app that is built in to the Apple camera. I took the photo because I like the way the streets come together at that point. Broughton Street is on a gentle slope going downhill from foreground to background. It looks steeper in real life.

Edinburgh is on the south bank of the river Forth, and beginning in the seventeen hundreds developers started to build along the bank that faces north towards the river. Broughton street is pretty much as the eastern end of that development and I like the area because it kind of falls off the edge and the ups and downs are at their most interesting.

By the way, I reduced the photo from its native size down to a useable size using the Reduce app on my phone and I posted it into this post on my phone and saved the draft.

Now I am on my computer adding the text.

I didn’t publish from my phone because I wanted to see how the image turned out looking at it from a bigger screen before I published.

Well, it looks fine. Click on the image to see a larger version.


  1. Mara Eastern says:

    The photo looks very well, and not only because it shows my favourite city. It’s harder than it looks to take panoramas. I’ve had a go at it myself, so I know…


  2. nicklewis says:

    The beauty of WordPress draft writing. I often do a similar thing and helps research articles for the future.


    1. I suffer from ‘too-many-options-itis’

      I have MarsEdit on my laptop and can draft and post from there. I have Byword on my laptop as well, and that also can post to WordPress. And then I have WriteRoom for drafting – and that has a distraction-free mode where the rest of the screen goes black and I can type without interruption.

      On my phone I have Drafts, which I use for notes that I might keep or maybe not. And I have WordPress’s own SimpleNote that syncs across all devices. And of course Apple’s own Notes which is now pretty good and syncs of course. And let’s see – oh yes, for major stuff for long-term keeping and novel writing I have Ulysses.

      I probably forgot a couple as well 🙂


      1. nicklewis says:

        I am also a fan of Ulysses and the iPhone version of it that is called Daedulus. I also really like Apple’s own Notes app now and I used to be an avid user of Evernote – however “Notes” is good enough now – You certainly have a few more than me, shall have a look at some of the others 🙂


        1. Did you see that there is now an iPhone version of Ulysses? I haven’t got it – it’s a bit pricey at £18.99 so I haven’t bought it … yet. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        2. nicklewis says:

          No I hadn’t heard about that one 😀


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