War Damaged Music In The Great Hall at Tate Britain In London

The Great Hall at Tate Britain In London

A quick post for anyone able to visit Tate Britain in London – the Great Hall is full of the sounds of war damaged musical instruments.

If the sounds were complete tunes or even passages from tunes it might grate on the nerves after a while.

That would be like working in a shop and having to listen to the same song over and over again on an endless loop.

But the sounds in the Tate are not like this. They are kind of mournful sounds and scraps of and fragments of what might be tunes. But they could easily be scraps of trumpet sounds by Tibetan monks.

At one point I caught myself thinking about the film, The Man Who Would Be King.

It’s a project by Susan Philipz featuring from British and German brass and wind instruments damaged in conflicts over the past 200 years.

Here’s a shot of the front cover of the booklet you can get (it’s free) at the shop next to the Great Hall.

Cover of Booklet about Susan Philipsz at Music at Tate Britain

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