When In Doubt


The Buddha speaks

When in doubt, what do I turn to? Usually I turn inwards because I have a secret store of knowledge there.

What secrets?

Ah, I can’t tell you – they’re a secret.

And that’s how it should be.

And then the comforts come – usually in the form of a mystical idea. A kind of equanimity or peaceful balance in the eye of the storm.

My own religion – the one I was born into – is very clever. And demanding. Demanding before it gives warmth.

On the subject of warmth, the world is much warmer with spirituality in it than when the Earth is a cold ball spinning aimlessly in space, don’t you think?

Doubt. When does this happen? Usually when I am in safe harbour (I am mostly in a safe harbour) and reaching out for the next stepping stone in a sea of questionable stepping stones.

Most of the things in my life are a mystery to me. The big things, that is. Like wondering what the hell is going on inside someone else’s head. I’m as simple and straightforward as can be – be nice to me and I’ll like you. I may envy you, look down on you, appreciate you, find you dull, find you fascinating, intelligent – whatever – but I’ll like you.

And that surely is the biggest secret of all – that it is good to be nice to people.

Men will always find something to be jealous about – better looking, taller, slimmer, more popular, a better runner, luckier in love… whatever.

We’ve mostly got it cracked. don’t you think, as a human race? Food, shelter – we’ve tamed the place; made it our own.

And we keep falling for the same old illusions, time and time again. I know we are (well most of us) short-tempered and with a destructive streak – but really – in a lovely blue planet just nicely positioned in the universe you would think we could settle down and enjoy it.


  1. Rebekah Mc says:

    I’ll never understand people. What the hell is going on inside the heads of, say, the virus/trojan creators? Just to name one group of unfathomable people …

    Yes, we think we’ve tamed it, until next earthquake, tsunami, tornado et cetera.

    Having a faith is comforting and warming. Thankfully I’ve never lost mine, which I wasn’t really born into.


  2. Written like a defending lawyer. Said too much but answered and revealed nothing.


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