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Waterlogue Man


I took this photo on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival. The EXIF data on the original file tells me I took it on 23rd August 2013. The ears tell me that this is probably the character Bottom – who has his head transformed into that of a donkey by the mischievious Puck – from Shakespeare’s A MidSummer Night’s Dream.

I was actually working on something else – some clematis flowers – when I thought I would put this photo through the Waterlogue app.


Here’s the result. And because I like to see what the effect is of different blend modes in Photoshop, I added the Waterlogue version as a layer on top of the original photo.


Here I have added a layer mask to the top layer and then ‘cut through’ a rectangle to the original photo so you can see how the Waterlogue version sits on top of the photo.

I looked at various blend modes and the one that looks the most interesting is Pin Light, which you can see in this final version.




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  1. Very much like the final transition and seeing the whole process. Colors rich and deep with just a hint of artistry. Good photo lesson. Nice work. Thanks teach, for sharing.


        • Ah, I see what you mean. What I meant was that I can transfer any photo – a photo I have taken on one of my cameras – to my phone via Dropbox and then use Waterlogue and transfer the Waterlogue image back to my computer via Dropbox.

          For my phone, I use iCloud for everything except photos. I just don’t want all the photos I take on my phone being automatically uploaded.

          Is Photos available yet? I thought it was in Beta? I am not in a hurry to use it.


        • Now I’m so confused so I don’t remember how I got it. I think they wrote to me. At one point [I must have set something really wrong], my phone told me it didn’t have enough space for 15,000 pictures.

          I DID have the photos connected before too, and then I just ‘shared to photostream’, the ones from the camera that I wanted to use.

          I think something is wrong with my MAC or with the external harddrive or both. I’ve put it aside for the moment while I think about the situation. One example; the Finder won’t open when I tap on it from the dock, unless I right-click and select ‘open new Finder window’. This happened out of the blue … I’m so tired, I might just go back to Windows.


        • It’s fixed. Didn’t have to do the repair thing. Found something in the support to type in a Terminal window. I was not alone about this. Phew … one thing solved.


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