Naked WordPress And Narro


I photographed this unfinished violin in a workshop some time ago and finally got around to doing something with the image.

Beyond balancing the page visually, it has no relevance to the rest of this article.

When I Get A Bit Of Spare Time

When I get a bit of spare time I’m going to try Naked WordPress by Joshua Beckman – described as the solution for designers who don’t know WordPress. I think it is going to be fun to do because Josh Beckman also built Narro, which is a web-based service that turns articles into podcasts. Try it!

I just listened to an article on Narro that I wrote, and although the voice of the narrator is robotic (it is a robot, after all), it was very illuminating to listen to the sense and the cadence of my own writing.

Copywriters like Glenn Fisher recommend reading copy aloud as a way of testing its effectiveness – of finding out whether one sentence and idea leads on to the next in an expected way.

Paying attention to yourself as you read and listening with enough concentration is, however, painful.

Having a robot read the text is a breeze.


  1. Rebekah says:

    Will be interesting to see what you’ll do with the Naked WordPress. Which blog will you apply it to?


    1. I may register a domain so I can use it. Now I have to think of a domain name…


      1. Rebekah says:

        Most good ones are taken by squatters … I felt very pleased, though, when I got «tassitus» 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if there is any ebook reader app for iPhone or android which may read aloud.


    1. That’s a great idea. I googled for an app like that for the iPhone and couldn’t find anything.


    2. Follow up: I just tried it and Narro works on the phone as well. It doesn’t need a special app – it just works. I logged in to my account on the phone, put in a URL and listened to. And, when I went back onto my laptop, the URL I had input was there.


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