SEO You Can Do Now, Right This Minute

Am I the only one watching WordPress TV?

When I scroll down the list of sites I follow in WordPress.Com’s Reader, I see that such-and-such a post has 50 ‘likes’ and comments.

But poor old WordPress TV gets nothing.

It’s a free resource of videos of speakers at WordCamps worldwide explaining how to do things – SEO, e-commerce, design, security, and many other topics.

It’s aimed at self-hosted WordPress sites, but there is a lot that is completely relevant to sites, too.

This WordCamp video is Jon Henshaw talking about SEO. His talk gets more technical later on in the video but the early parts are easy things you and I can do now, this minute.

Of course he may not be the last word in SEO, but he runs Raven Tools – which is and internet marketing software company. His site, according to Alexa, is approximately #6,000 in the list of the top 30 million sites visited worldwide – so he must be doing something right.

This is what he says about the links on your home page and the links in your navigation menu.

He says every link is fighting every other link for space – so don’t confuse Google by cramming lots of links to other sites onto your page. That includes Twitter links and any other links you can think of.

Secondly, think of the keywords you want to be recognised for, and use those in the navigation menu.

Also, treat categories like navigation links and and keep the categories listed in the menu to just a few links.

That’s it. Five minute’s work to make your site less confusing to Google and more easily found for what you want to be found for.


  1. Love it and really appreciate this tip. I had no idea. Thanks David!


    1. Yes, it’s great, isn’t it 🙂

      I went off and changed the menu immediately 🙂


  2. Just read your comment to me on Timethief, relative to the problem clicking to my site…. Thank you for pointing that out……at age seventy, I am, technologically speaking, an idiot and will try to figure out how to make the correction…for me, things need to remain as simple as possible, but thanks again!


      • Go to
        Click to sign in, and if you are already logged into it will log you in automatically.
        Click on ‘My Profile’
        Now click on ‘Websites’
        If you see a website image there, click on it to test whether it goes to your site. If it does then something else is going on that is making the link in your name not work properly, and I would ask WP Support about that.
        If you see a website image and it is wrong, delete it and add the correct one.
        If there is no website image there, add the URL to your site, including the http:// part of it.
        That’s it.


      1. How kind of you…..I’ve done as you advised, my profile has the website and clicking it does go to my site. So, I tried going to a couple of places where I made comments, to see if I could find my site and discovered this:: if I click my photo, it works; if I click my name, it doesn’t work…..hmmm I guess I need to check with WP support ? Thank you so much for your help!


        1. I just sent you an email showing how your gravatar looks in my admin panel – and a suggestion for how to fix things.


  3. Update: The problem seems to be solved, though Support tells me that comments made previous to now, will still retain it. I thank you profusely…


    1. It is my pleasure. Glad they solved it.


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