A Good Year For Books

At the Guardian-sponsored Edinburgh International Book Festival this year, Tamara and I got to listen to among others:

Three authors talking about their illustrated children’s books;

Three political activists and their clandestine experiences in Syria;

A Guardian newspaper journalist telling Edward Snowden’s story;

A South Korean novelist talking about his novel about a North Korean ‘sleeper’ spy who had been in the South for twenty years and has to go back and doesn’t want to give up his comfortable life;

  • and many more.

A good year for books.


  1. Intrigued by the North Korean ‘sleeper’ spy novel. 20 years would definitely make it difficult to turn back. I like that plot.


    1. Agreed. The author said that in South Korea they have TV channels devoted to glimpses of life in North Korea – and those programmes are known as ‘North Korea porn’.


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