Matrix Code and Wet Trout for slapping DDOS attackers

Matrix machine code with trout
Matrix machine code with trout

Wet trout on a matrix – with thanks to Rebby of Colderweather who suggested a wet trout with which to slap DDOS attackers and to TT of OneCoolSiteBloggingTips who commented about rage and DDOS attackers.


This is the first image that I have captioned since changing to the Big Brother WordPress theme. What do you think of this theme’s style of captioning?


  1. big LOL … the trout was just for starters — I have a more elaborate plan that includes a goat.

    Think I could grow to like this theme. I see you have added a small image in the header and that looks nice.

    Right now, I’m in love with a Google font named Bitter, and I’ve been so for quite some time. Obviously, you cannot use that here in the, but I have a self-hosted too. Only Zoren uses that font, and that’s not my favourite theme. Right now I have My Life, but I wouldn’t have that without the paid upgrade.

    The captioning isn’t bad … perhaps the border should have been just a tad bit more pronounced?!


    1. A plan with a goat, now there’s a thought…

      Thanks about the little image at the top.

      Did you know that all the Google fonts are available to be downloaded and used in any desktop program that uses fonts? I use Bitter in Photoshop.

      Have you seen Museo Slab, which is similar? It is free to download – maybe from MyFonts or somewhere. There is also Museo Sans in two weights that complement the slab font.


      1. Yes, I have downloaded Bitter, and Salsa, which I use for a little bit more ‘playful’ titles. Here, in my blog I’ve used Arvo for main font.

        I love fonts…

        By the way, I started using Aperture for photo editing a while back. I’m beginning to like it..


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