Google Authorship Photos To End

Google is removing Authorship photos from its results, in the interests of decluttering its search pages.

Google introduced authorship a year or two ago, and I for one have been influenced to look at an article or take up a recommendation by seeing someone I know endorsing the article or recommendation.

And I set up authorship myself, eager to become a known authority on cats… (just joking).

I am in fact, according to Google, an authority on street performers passing unstrung tennis rackets down the length of their bodies.

But soon, along with thousands of others, my photo in Google Authorship will fade and be no more…



  1. Seems as though each time Google develops an app/add-on/service that becomes popular, they quickly kill it. I too enjoy the thumbnail shown next to an article. *sigh*


    1. Yes, ‘sigh’

      My thought is that maybe Google didn’t like people gaming the system and becoming popular authorities.


  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Sighs ] What if everyone sent in a petion to Google in regards to not removing authorship photos? Do you think Google will comply?

    Thank you for posting this and for the record, I am all for the authorship photos.


  3. Bummer. I liked it for the same vain reason.


    1. 🙂

      It feels good owning up to vanity – nothing worse than vanity wrapped up and pretending to be something else.


      1. Again–ditto that! I did love seeing my “brand” profile shot next to my posts.


      2. I presume the authorship hasn’t ended yet? as I just did a search on Wordless Wednesday and to my surprise, one of my posts tagged same showed up. Of course I’d forgotten I’d ever posted it in the first place. 😀


        1. Yes, it’s just the photos that are going, going, gone like the gingerbread man. 🙂


        2. Sad to see them go.


        3. Yes.
          We’ll always have gravatars.


  4. Matt Masha says:

    Very sad to lose that feature :(; it really draws people to your page.


    1. Yes, – quality will still win – and your photos are truly excellent.


      1. Matt Masha says:

        Thank you for your kind compliments David 🙂


        1. My pleasure 🙂


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