Again it is the mixed lighting that has given the SnapSeed app something to work with.

Had the roof been lit just by natural light from above, I am pretty certain these colours would not have been brought out in the processing.

So, what you are seeing is a shot from the newly constructed spiral staircase at the Tate Modern in London.

the staircase leads from the basement up to ground floor level and there is a decidedly Middle Eastern decorative effect in the pierced stonework.

In the previous post there is a shot of the arches seen at basement level.


There are tall Corinthian columns either side of the main entrance that looks out onto the River Thames.

And inside, the main halls meet in this circular area with each hallway terminated by these Ionic columns.

As before, I shot this with the iPhone and then ran it through SnapSeed. I purposely shot the scene so that it was very dark (easy to choose the exposure with Camera+). Doing that meant that the arch over the columns wasn’t blown out and I could retain the details in SnapSeed.

When it was finished the photo reminded me of a scene from ancient Egypt.


I have been messing about with the SnapSeed app for iPhone. The staircase in the Tate Britain was already colourful, but I enjoyed pushing the limits.

If you are in London, the renovations at the Tate Britain are worth seeing – from the spiral staircase let into the lower level to the scumbled paint on the walls.

Here is a shot of the arches that lead to the spiral staircase from the basement cafe to ground level. Again I played with the colours and as always, some of the best effects come when there is a mixture of artificial light illuminating the scene.


Definition: Scumble
To soften the colors or outlines of (a painting or drawing) by covering with a film of opaque or semiopaque color or by rubbing.