Big Blue Cockerel – London – January 2014

Katharina Fritsch’s Big Blue Cock is currently on what is called ‘the empty plinth’ in Trafalgar Square. The plinth has housed a number of sculptures over the years. Here is what the artist says about her contribution (as reported in the Guardian): Gleefully feminist, the work pokes amiable fun at the vainglorious statues of menContinue reading “Big Blue Cockerel – London – January 2014”


There’s a terrific entry for carousel in the Online Etymology Dictionary. A playful tournament of knights in chariots or on horseback, from French carrousel ‘a tilting match,’ from Italian carusiello, possibly from carro “chariot,” from Latin carrus. Now in my mind’s eye I will see a chariot when I see a carousel.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants To Advertise

I saw this last night – January 3rd. It’s one of the windows of Urban Outfitters. It’s sale time. Everyone knows it’s sale time. All the shops are having sales. Some have ‘Sale’ in big red letters. I have read that retailers get more sales when they say $5.00 off the normal price, rather thanContinue reading “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants To Advertise”