Tate Britain – Tall Columns


There are tall Corinthian columns either side of the main entrance that looks out onto the River Thames.

And inside, the main halls meet in this circular area with each hallway terminated by these Ionic columns.

As before, I shot this with the iPhone and then ran it through SnapSeed. I purposely shot the scene so that it was very dark (easy to choose the exposure with Camera+). Doing that meant that the arch over the columns wasn’t blown out and I could retain the details in SnapSeed.

When it was finished the photo reminded me of a scene from ancient Egypt.

3 thoughts on “Tate Britain – Tall Columns

    1. Thanks. I waited until he moved and kept thinking he would walk off and I would miss the shot. It’s always a tense few seconds then. I don’t have enough patience to wait for minute after minute and I admire the dedication of photographers who will sit in a damp ditch waiting hours or even days or weeks for the perfect nature shot.


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