One-Click RSS Feed Migration

Feedly has done a great job of documenting its progress towards providing a stand-alone service once Google Reader shuts down on July 1st.

(I feel like one of the cognoscenti because I have been using Feedly for a long while.)

I did wonder though how Feedly was going to be able to continue once the day arrived when it could no longer sync and pull the RSS feeds from Google Reader.

So when I understood the Feedly was going to migrate all its users’ Google Reader RSS feeds to the Cloud, I had faith that things would just simply continue to work after July 1st and the big shut-down.

For anyone who is interested to read how it did it, Building Feedly (a blog) is well worth reading for topics beyond the nuts and bolts.

11 thoughts on “One-Click RSS Feed Migration

  1. I like Feedly but I’m constantly frustrated by it resetting my preferences every day. AOL reader is looking like a promising option if it can sort out its update frequency.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t noticed it, but then I had my preferences set at the default. I’ve just set one of my preferences to something I don’t normally have it at to see how it behaves.


  2. Feedly is great – I’ve been using it for two months.
    Found the migration easy and no down time in learning its features.
    Sad to see Google Reader go, but happy to have found Feedly.


      1. I’ve been happy with the interface and the ease of adding sites (of course you’re there) – Also like that the tool bar icon will open the feed in a new tab automatically.


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