Dog Before And After



Some dogs pose and some dogs don’t. This little guy didn’t jump away, so I had just enough time to get a general idea of the road behind, and frame the shot to minimise the interference.

When I took the shot, I thought I might be able to take out the background and the lead, but I wasn’t really aware of the harness around his chest. I guess I could spend some time (hours) working on it – but the chances are I would become exasperated and scrap it part-way through.


Olympus E-PM1 and 45mm f1.8 lens

5 thoughts on “Dog Before And After

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      One thing I have learned by trial and error is that it is better to use the clone tool rather than the brush when there is a ‘natural’ background (like the road in this shot). It takes a bit more time, but it gives a more natural unevenness in the surface.


  1. I like them both but with the lead and road his forlorn expression seems to take on more of a story – I wonder if he’s tethered to a post while his human gets coffee or he’s just bored with the conversation his human has fallen into with some passerby.

    That said the altered photo is well done – good job!


    1. More of a story – yes.

      He was indeed tethered to a post – it may have been a lamppost or a bicycle rack – I think his human was inside the shop that I had just walked out of.

      Had I been able to clone out the harness across his chest – or if he had not been wearing one (even better), then I would have used the image for something.

      As it was, I just couldn’t ‘not’ post the photos – he is such a heart melter.

      I am going to put another shot up of him turned to the side. 🙂


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