More on the Olympus E-PM1


Here are a couple more shots with the Olympus. I took several handheld shots with the flowers placed on a counter in front of a sheet of white paper I taped to the front of a kitchen unit and lit by the sideways light from a window.

I am very pleased with the colour rendition. In fact, I could knock it back a bit and make it less saturated.

As different people’s computer screens render colour with more or less intensity, however, I’ll leave it as it is.

What do you think?




Here’s the link to the previous article on the E-PM1

4 thoughts on “More on the Olympus E-PM1

    1. Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, the colours are ‘glowing’ on my screen – but it’s a fairly new Macbook, and everything is pretty punchy so it’s hard to know what the ‘reality’ is.

      One thing, it is easier to tone the colour down in Photoshop before putting it on the web than it is to put in what was not there originally (a problem I had with my other pocket camera).


  1. I am looking at these pics on an obsolete 13 years old LCD and I find it fine though not vibrant. May be tinkering with warmth may change it into something else but it appears to be fine.


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