Silver Man



I snapped this on Princes street in Edinburgh yesterday.

For those who are interested in the techincal details – I used a Panasonic GF1 with Olympus 45mm lens at 1/320 second and f2.8.

I am still trying to find the sweet spot for this lens.

A larger aperture would allow me to shoot at a faster shutter speed for a given ISO. On the other hand, a larger aperture means the chance that the front-to-back sharp area would be so shallow that it would be easy to get the focus wrong when taking a quick shot on the street.

The aperture I used for this shot – f2.8 – is two stops narrower than the maximum aperture of this lens, and it seems to be working OK.

3 thoughts on “Silver Man

  1. It’s a nice shot, but he doesn’t look well at all. Anemic, or something 😀
    Whatever you did, it seemed to work. I forget why it’s called stops, by the way.

    When you use your Nikon … what ‘mode’ do you usually shoot in? M, A …?


    1. Did you see Shirley Eaton covered in gold paint in Goldfinger?

      With the Nikon and the little Panasonic, I almost always shoot in aperture priority. It works best for me.

      Ffor me, the first is to get the aperture I want to use. Then I get the speed I want, so I look at what the reading is for the shot. If the speed is too low, I increase the ISO.

      Working at large apertures means that I am taking maximum advantage of the lowest ISO possible for the amount of light.

      So being able to change ISO quickly is the next most important thing for me after being able to set aperture and speed.

      The next thing after I look for in a camera is being able to change exposure compensation quickly.

      The next thing is being able to set White Balance quickly.

      I guess that is my ‘usability’ list for a camera.


      1. Aperture here too. Except when I don’t know what to do, I take M … so I get the little arrows 🙂

        All those three things you mentioned are easily accessible on the Nikon … it’s all good!


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