The Continental



I was in London a week or two ago, and saw a small group of people waiting for a tube train. I instantly assessed their clothing and facial characteristics and determined that they were German.

There was a certain continental élan that convinced me.

It was time to try out my little Panasonic GF1 with the 45mm Olympus lens. On a micro four-thirds sensor, the 45mm lens is a 90mm equivalent. In other words it makes a good portrait lens for this kind of shot.

So I took a couple of photos and then moved closer to check on those Continental accents.

They were English – not German or from anywhere in Continental Europe at all.

Ah well..

8 thoughts on “The Continental

  1. Oh, I know him. Did you not notice his earpiece…? He works for MI6, he had you under surveillance and presumably shared intelligence with the Feds further along the platform, watch your back…


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